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Saturday, July 10, 2010

So much to do! So much unfinished!

Software is never complete, period.

Of course its a good way to keep your job, but no project is ever complete. Even projects that get shipped have small quirks that need to put in because of some limitation of the platform or environment (or engineer). Sometimes there are things you want to come back to, but never do because there were other pressing issues. I've always tried to do the best I can and trying to use the best approach to solving a problem. But I know there's always a different way to get the same results and I'm always searching for it.

The good thing about iOS development in my opinion is that there are so many APIs that can do the job for you. The bad thing about iOS development is that there are so many APIs that can do the job for you. Yes, I know, its the same. iOS being HUGE, there's always a way to get something done. Its just a pain in the butt to look for it. Of course the more you use the SDK the easier it gets to find the correct API, but it does need a little searching and learning all the APIs.

I've always had a TODO list of things I want to try/play around with in the projects I've worked on. Its usually in my head, but I have made a conscious effort to maintain it in a todo list on my machine. Unfortunately, the TODO list is never without items that I have never done. For example Sqlite & XML were 2 that I had never worked with on iOS, but now I have used these APIs and feel pretty confident using these. Reachability is something that I should integrate, but just have not sat down to get cozy with. But my Achilles' heel in iOS development is OpenGL ES.

While working on the ArcGIS API for iOS, I found Quartz 2D to be sufficient for the job for drawing graphics. Its very performant and for the job at hand, perfect.

OpenGL ES... well. I've taken the time several times to start learning it, but have some how just not been able to go through the tutorials. I first started with iPhone OpenGL ES Tutorial Series a while ago, but left it after 3 tutorials. When I got back, the site was gone. Then I started looking at OpenGL ES from the Ground Up, which is really good. But now, I have other things on my plate, to it moves to the back burner... again!

So long story short: There's always some better way to do something. Seek it out. Find it. Learn it. Use it. It doesn't mean you're work will be always complete, but you will have the satisfaction of doing the best job possible with the right tools.


  • Hi Jayant,

    I came across your Linkedin profile and was very impressed by your background. I wanted to talk to you a bit about some opportunities with Apple that have come through our office. I apologize, I did not know how else to reach out, hopefully this works =). Please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email when you get the chance. Thanks for your time!

    Patrick Leung

    By Anonymous Patrick Leung, At May 10, 2011, 5:15:00 PM  

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