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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Mobile Web

So recently the guys in the ArcGIS Mobile team (Fred, Jeff & Myles) asked me whether I could put together a blog posting about integrating the JSAPI to work in mobile browsers. So here's a first of several blog posts on The Mobile Web. If you're interested in the bringing your ArcGIS Server content to mobile devices, watch the the ArcGIS Mobile Blog.

This particular post simply shows how to make REST calls and doesn't have any JSAPI, but this one will work on any mobile browser, even IE Mobile.

You can find the page hosted here. So whip out that mobile phone of yours and go to http://ecodevil.net/dev/blog/basicMap.php and check it out. Click the +/- to zoom in/out and the N/E/S/W to pan in the specific direction.

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