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Friday, February 27, 2009

ArcGIS JavaScript API v1.3 OUT

This is a developer centric release. The enhancements include custom layers, error handling and more layer management in the Map which have been requested time & time again. Check out the full list of What's New.

At the Dev Summit in March, Jeremy & I will be presenting the 'An overview of the ArcGIS JavaScript APIs' and 'Developing Advanced Applications with the ArcGIS JavaScript API' sessions. Jeremy will also be presenting 'Patterns and Best Practices for Building Applications with ArcGIS API for JavaScript' and finally 'Using the ArcGIS Server REST API' with Keyur. To see when these sessions are offered, go to the session search page and search by session name.

We will take an in-depth look into the v1.3 developer features in the advanced sessions. In depth looks into error handling, using esri.request, custom layer, etc. You can hear a podcast about our sessions too.

In case you are interested in attending for the ESRI Developer Summit, check out the website.


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