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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wow, need to post more often!

Life has been quite busy for the past 5 months. Released v1.4 of the JSAPI and got done with UC and the sessions there, but the big news is iPhone development.

I have been working on developing iPhone apps for a few months now, finally convinced the appropriate people, built a prototype app in 2 weeks that was showcased during the plenary session of the recently concluded User Conference. Check out the video: Plenary Session - 2009 ESRI User Conference -> 'ArcGIS 9.4: Mobile GIS' -> about 2/3rds way into the video, presented by Chris Capelli.

So now I am leading the development of the iPhone API, similar to the JavaScript API, and have handed over the reins to the JSAPI to Praveen. So finally I am getting to make my move into mobile computing.